Freedom of Expression – Missing in Action?

9/26/2008 // Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre pledges that Norway will intensify its efforts – and seek to be more strategic in promoting the freedom of expression.

Minister Støre has launched a new initiative on human rights that aims at bringing freedom of expression higher on the internationale agenda in both regional and multinational foras.

“Today we are setting the spotlight on freedom of expression and independent media in areas of conflict and countries where democracy is weak or absent,” Mr. Støre said when launching the initiative at an open seminar in Oslo last month.

Increased Funding to Strengthen Media
Norwegian funding for freedom of expression and independent media is increased to NOK 15 million. The funding will support independent media institutions in conflict affected areas in order to strengthen professionality, availability and ownership in the media sector, as well as to encourage freedom of expression and laws that determine this human right.

Norway pledges to intensify it’s reactions to threats against and harassment of journalists, and to emphasize the fact that freedom of expression constitutes a core value in Norway’s policy of engagement and it’s human rights policy.

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