Report from the negotiations in Rio, Monday 18 June

Last updated: 6/20/2012 // With only two days left to the opening of Rio+20, the negotiations on a global agenda for sustainable development reach an intense and sometimes chaotic final stage.

After the last formal preparatory meeting directed by the UN was completed late June 16, Brazil assumed the administration of the negotiations. They presented a new draft document largely based on what has been discussed over the past five months. Since then the negotiations has been conducted in several informal groups, all led by Brazil.

At midnight Brazilian time the parties were far from agreeing on the most difficult areas, which include questions on how to finance sustainable development efforts, green economy, sustainable development goals and issues relating to the institutional framework for sustainable development. The latter is about the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, and whether or not a new intergovernmental forum for sustainable development shouldl be established as a replacement for the current Commission on Sustainable Development.

In some of the less controversial areas, such as food security and forests, it seems that a good text can be within reach. Still, nothing is resolved and concluded yet. Norway has played a leading role throughout the negotiating process on issues like women and gender equality and we’re hoping to have an outcome document that strengthens the rights of women. There are however a number of forces opposing this, so nothing is decided until the text is finally adopted.

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