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Last updated: 6/13/2012 // Rio+20 is the United Nations major Conference on Sustainable Development. Some 50 000 people will attend this major event in Rio de Janeiro 20-22 June, 20 years after the historic Rio Conference in 1992. At the conference, world leaders will stake out a course for future development that ensures protection of the environment.

There are fundamental needs that must be met with concrete action. Seven billion people need electricity, food and water. At the same time we must protect our planet and address climate change. Rio+20 will be the most important meeting place for world leaders and experts this year, and they will take decisions that stake out the course ahead. Four topics are particularly important for Norway:

  • Energy, gender equality, food security – ensuring access for all to sufficient, safe food, and ecosystem services – goods and services provided by the natural environment (for example from forests).

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