Woman peacekeeper in Darfur, Sudan. 
Photo: UN Photo/Gonzales Farran.Woman peacekeeper in Darfur, Sudan. Photo: UN Photo/Gonzales Farran

Norway's strategic plan on women, war and peace

4/23/2012 // A progress report has recently been published that gives an update on Norway's efforts to promote the various UN Security Council resolutions on Women, war and peace. The summary for that report is published in English.

This report has sought to give as full a picture as possible of the Government’s efforts in 2011 to follow up Security Council resolution 1325 (SCR 1325) and the other resolutions on women, peace and security, including areas where there are challenges. It will therefore be an important tool for our future efforts. It is built up around the five priority areas presented in Women, Peace and Security: Norway’s Strategic Plan 2011-13:

  1. Peace processes and negotiations
  2. International operations
  3. Post-conflict situations and peacebuilding
  4. Sexual violence in conflict
  5. Reporting and accountability.

Each chapter includes boxes on the various countries highlighted in strategic plan. These boxes give a general picture of the political context and main features of Norway’s SCR 1325 efforts in these countries.

The report shows that Norway is a champion of the resolutions on women, peace and security vis-à-vis the UN, NATO and individual countries. It also shows that Norway provides substantial support to NGOs and other actors working to implement these resolutions on the ground, particular those seeking to increase women’s political participation and influence, and those fighting sexual violence and providing assistance to victims.

Read the summary for the progress report here.

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