Photo: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras .Photo: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

Norway supports UN resolution on Libya

3/18/2011 // Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre commented: “The Security Council’s resolution on the use of force against Libya is historic, and demonstrates the UN’s ability to take action. Norway supports the resolution."

The Foreign Minister went on to say:

"A decisive factor for us is that the resolution enjoys support in Libya’s neighbouring areas and that the Arab League has called for such a resolution.”

Late Thursday evening, the UN Security Council adopted a comprehensive resolution (UNSCR 1973) that authorises UN member states – and relevant organisations

– to take “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya. The resolution goes beyond the recent discussion on a “no-fly zone”.

Protection of civilians

“The Security Council has given the need to protect the civilian population as the ground for its decision. This is important seen from a Norwegian point of view. The international community now stands more united than ever in its condemnation of Gaddafi. For Norway to support the use of force, it is essential that it has a firm base in international law,” said the Foreign Minister.

“From the start, Norway has been of the view that if force were to be used, a no-fly zone alone would be unlikely to have much effect. The Security Council has now adopted a resolution that authorises attacks on targets on the ground,” said Mr Støre.

On Norwegian contribution

Minister of Defence Grete Faremo commented: “All UN member states are responsible for implementing the Security Council’s resolution. Norway will now, together with our allies, consider whether, and if so how, NATO could help to implement the UN resolution. NATO has already started planning, and we must determine what resources NATO needs in this connection and what Norway can contribute.”

Future military action must be seen in conjunction with a number of other measures, such as economic sanctions, political measures, full isolation of the regime, investigation by the International Criminal Court and humanitarian assistance.

“We cannot take for granted that swift military intervention will resolve Libya’s problems over night. We must seek to avoid a situation where Libya becomes divided,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

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