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Norway condemns violence against civilians in Syria

4/27/2011 // Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre commented, “Norway condemns the widespread use of violence and the killing of peaceful protesters in Syria, and urges the regime to put an immediate stop to all violence against civilians.”

Several hundred people are reported to have been killed or injured when the Syrian authorities clamped down on demonstrators in several cities. The protesters have been demanding democratic reforms and President Assad’s resignation.

“President Assad has promised democratic reforms. We urge the Syrian authorities to engage in dialogue with the Syrian people to discuss their legitimate demands and to introduce major political reforms.

“Norway urges the Syrian authorities to respect fundamental human rights, such as freedom of assembly and expression. Given the lack of a clear picture, it is vital that both Syrian and international media are able to report on developments in the country,” said Mr Støre.

Norway is in contact with other countries to discuss how to deal with the situation in Syria within the framework of the UN, particularly the Human Rights Council. Norway also expects organisations like the Arab League to speak out against the use of violence in Syria.

“Those who are responsible for the killing of peaceful protesters in Syria must be brought to justice,” said Mr Støre.

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