Photo: New York Daily News

"Bell of Hope" rings for Norway

7/27/2011 // The "Bell of Hope" at New York's historic St. Paul's Chapel tolled at noon in remembrance of Norway's victims. Norwegian Consul Aslaug Nygård attended the ceremony which took place across the road from Ground Zero on Wednesday 27th August.

Consul Aslaug Nygård of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York joined the Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee, Vicar of Trinity Wall Street, to ring the Bell of Hope in remembrance of the victims of the attacks of terrorism on Oslo and Utøya Island.

"New York City and St. Paul's Chapel have shown great solidarity at our hour of sorrow and grief. The people of New York knows too well the pain after such attacks," said Consul Nygård.

"The Bell of Hope" stands in the churchyard of St. Paul's Chapel as an enduring memorial, symbolically ringing on occasions that pay tribute to victims of terrorism. Following the tradition of New York City's firefighters salute to fallen comrades, St. Paul's clergy tolled the bell in four sets of five rings.

"The attacks will only trigger more democracy, more humanity, and more tolerance," said Nygård before Bell of Hope tolled 20 times in remembrance. 

The bell has also been rung following the bombings in London, Madrid, Mumbai and Moscow; for the Virginia Tech victims; and on 9/11 anniversaries.

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