Norway Enters Agreement with Nigeria – Police Training Already in Place

3/25/2008 // On January 25th Ambassador Johan L. Løvald signed an agreement with Nigeria whereby Norwegian police will support Nigeria in training police officers for peacekeeping operations in Africa.

The training has already started. As part of the Training for Peace program a team of Norwegian police personnel have arrived in Abuja to train about 250 Nigerian colleagues for the United Nations/African Union Mission to Darfur (UNAMID). 25% of the participating police officers are women.

A total of 6400 police officers are to be deployed to UNAMID, most of them from Nigeria and other African countries.

Norway has trained African police personnel for peacekeeping operations since 1998 when Norway and African partners started the Training for Peace program in Southern Africa. 

This agreement is a milestone for Norwegian police involvement in peacekeeping in Africa.

Norwegian police also participates in operations in Darfur, Somalia and Liberia. A total of 36 Norwegian police officers are currently serving in UN peacekeeping operations.

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