Call for an end to US embargo on Cuba

11/3/2009 // Norway was part of the large majority in the General Assembly on 28 October that approved the resolution that encourages the United States to lift its trade embargo on Cuba. It’s the 18th year in a row that this has happened. There is now a growing expectation from the international community that the Obama administration will adjust its Cuba-policy.

Norway and 186 other countries voted for the resolution on the grounds that the US embargo violates the international sanctions regime. Only the US, Israel and Palau voted against it.


After the vote, Norway explained its position by underlining that the US trade embargo is a bilateral issue and that sanctions should be rooted in the international community; not unilaterally. Norway welcomed the measures that the US has implemented in the last year to soften the effects of their sanctions. Norway also stressed that we remain concerned about the human rights situation in Cuba despite some positive developments. Finally, Norway believes that the situation in Cuba can strengthened through constructive dialogue and not by isolating the country.

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