Legal issues

As Ambassador Geir O. Pedersen deposited the ratification document of the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity this week, Norway took the final step towards ratification of the protocol. But in order for the protocol to enter into force, ratification by an additional 25 countries is needed. Read more

Anniken Enersen and Ulrik Tetzschner celebrating the 30 year anniversary of UNCLOS at the General Assembly today. 
Photo: Elin Bjerkebo.

The “constitution of the oceans” celebrates its 30th anniversary today, and remains one of the greatest contributions to international law. It is of the highest importance to coastal states. Norway has claimed control of its oil and gas resources at sea based on the Convention. Read more

Seven African coastal states are receiving assistance from Norway to establish new limits to their continental shelves. This will help these countries to gain jurisdiction over their own oil and gas resources. Read more

Norway supports the proposed levy on currency transactions. This will raise several billion dollars for additional funding for global public goods, such as measures to address climate change and to promote health, education and the UN Millennium Development Goals. Read more

Photo: Norway Mission/Emma Kwesiga Lydersen.

Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim signed an agreement with six countries in Africa that will help them to gain jurisdiction over their own oil and gas resources.Norway and Cape Verde hosted the signing event in New York on Tuesday 21 September. Read more