Flood victims in Pakistan receive good aid through the World Food Programme and UN agencies. 
Photo: UNPhoto/WFP/AmjadJamal.Flood victims in Pakistan receive good aid through the World Food Programme and UN agencies. Photo: UNPhoto/WFP/AmjadJamal

Norway redoubles its support for flood victims in Pakistan

9/19/2010 // Norway will increase its assistance for the flood victims in Pakistan to USD 66 million. The situation is critical, and the number of victims keeps rising. The floods are the worst ever in the history of Pakistan.

The UN has issued an appeal for more assistance in response to the flood disaster in Pakistan. According to the UN, USD 2 billion will be needed during the first year following the disaster. About 20 million people are affected. More than 1.8 million homes have been completely or partially destroyed.


“The floods in Pakistan are among the worst natural disasters the world has seen in recent times. Extreme weather has forced millions to flee their homes. One out of ten Pakistanis is directly or indirectly affected. The destructive forces of nature have laid vast agricultural areas waste and have set the country back many years,” said Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim.


Norway has already provided NOK 115 million in emergency relief following the flood. Now Norway’s assistance for the flood victims will be increased to NOK 400 million (USD 66 million).


An area larger than England has been devastated by the flood. In the southern province of Sindh, the flood waters remain high. It is difficult to get an overview of the damage, and there is a serious risk of epidemics breaking out.


“The situation is still highly critical for nine million people. We must now show our solidarity with the flood victims. The Norwegian Government is therefore providing additional emergency relief to Pakistan,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.


The funds provided by Norway will be channelled through the UN’s humanitarian organisations, the Red Cross movement and other NGOs that have experience of working in Pakistan.


“It is especially difficult to reach the most vulnerable groups. Women and children are particularly at risk in this chaotic situation. It is important that we provide the protection they need,” said Mr Solheim.

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