New Support to Say NO to Violence against Women!

9/18/2008 // Norway, Sweden and Netherland joine the "Say NO to Violence against Women" campaign, by UNIFEM.

On the 9 September the Norwegian Government offered its full support to the work on ending violence against women. Minister of Environment and International Development Mr. Erik Solheim and Minister for Children and Equality Ms. Anniken Huitfeldt signed on to UNIFEM’s Say NO to Violence against Women campaign on behalf of the Government.

200,000 Signatures

The Say NO campaign event was organized jointly by UNIFEM and CARE Norway. Ms. Marte Gerhardsen, Secretary General of CARE Norway, spoke of the importance of joining the campaign and promised 200,000 signatures from Norway before 25 November 2008, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, when all signatures collected worldwide will be presented to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

UNIFEM Executive Director Inés Alberdi said in her speech: “I am delighted that the Government of Norway and CARE Norway have organized this joint initiative to join UNIFEM’s Say NO campaign to end violence against women. Together we can bring about the public awareness and social mobilization needed to bring about needed action.”

Top Priority

The UNIFEM-organized Say NO to Violence against Women campaign is a global advocacy and awareness raising effort on ending violence against women, designed to support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s multi-year UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign. The UNIFEM initiative aims to demonstrate that there is an ever-growing movement of people who Say NO to violence against women and Say YES to make ending it a top priority for governments everywhere.

Netherland, Sweden and Timor-Leste have also signed the campaign during the last couple of days.

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