SG talks About Gender Equality in Doha.

12/9/2008 // – Measures to empower women is the straightest, surest path to more peaceful, prosperous world, said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Norwegian event on Financing for Development and the Economics of Gender.

In his remarks to launch event on Financing for Development and the Economics of Gender, in Doha, 29 November Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanked Norway for organizing the event.

 – I welcome this opportunity to speak with you on the economics of gender.  This is an extremely important subject, and I thank Norway for organizing this event, said Ban Ki-moon.

– Millions of women around the world wake up early, cook for the whole family, take care of children and elders, and go out to the fields or markets to work all day.  They manage life’s greatest hurdles, from birth to sickness to ageing to death.  Some economists call this the “caring sector”.

Without these contributions, all economic activity would grind to a halt.  Yet, their work is hard to quantify in conventional terms.  It does not result a pay check.  It does not show up in national statistics.  But make no mistake:  these efforts create deep, lasting value.

The Minister of the Environment and International Development of Norway, Erik Solheim Introduced The Secretary-general at the meeting.


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