Norway Vote to Explore Consequences of Use of Depleted Uranium in Weapons

11/3/2008 // The resolution, that highlights concerns over the military use of uranium, was passed with 127 against 4 votes (34 abstained). Last time the First Committee voted on the resolution Norway abstained, but this year Norway changed the voting pattern.

­– With this vote Norway supports further studies, even though we hold the view that international studies so far has not found evidence to conclude that the use of depleted uranium causes damage to people’s health and the environment, says Siren Gjerme Eriksen, Deputy Director-General at the Department of Security and the High North.

The resolution entitled 'Effects of the use of armaments and ammunitions containing depleted uranium' urges UN member states to re-examine the health hazards posed by the use of uranium weapons. It’s the second time the UN First Committee took action on the resolution, drafted by the Movement of Non Aligned States and submitted by Indonesia.

This year the resolution refers to the report submitted by the Secretary-General pursuant to resolution 62/30 based on proposals from member states. Some of these rejects any connections between use of depleted uranium and harmful effects.  

Several like-minded countries as Iceland, Finland and Netherland also changed their voting pattern, and voted for the resolution.

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