Ban on Cluster Munitions in Place

6/6/2008 // ”The Norwegian Government launched the initiative for a ban on cluster munitions one and a half year ago. I am delighted to see that we already seem to have a ban in place,” says Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Pending its adoption on Friday, the international agreement to ban cluster munitions is a momentous event. This is a victory for international humanitarian law. We have negotiated a strong and comprehensive text. The ban will apply to cluster munitions with unacceptable humanitarian consequences, which means that practically all cluster ammunition that have been used in war to date will now be prohibited. This means that Norway will have to destroy its stockpiles of cluster munitions," Støre says.

”Norway and Ireland have been driving forces in this process. Today, I had a constructive meeting with my Irish counterpart in Dublin. We discussed the way forward towards the signing of the agreement which will take place in Oslo 3 December this year. It is now important to get as many states as possible to join the agreement, which is what both national authorities and civil society should now strive for up to December," the Foreign Minister says.

“I have also had a meeting with representatives from the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), the UN and the International Red Cross movement today. They have contributed immensely to this process, in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. The broad alliance between governments and civil society has again demonstrated its strength, as we saw in the efforts to achieve the Mine Ban Treaty in 1997. Today I would like to thank them for their effort, their unique knowledge and their field expertise. Much of the credit for this brilliant result must go to them. I would also like to thank the Norwegian delegation for their unwavering effort. I am very proud of them," says Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

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