Norway Deeply Deplores Any Use of Cluster Munitions in the Georgia Conflict

9/26/2008 // It is very serious if reports that cluster munitions have been used on both sides of the Georgia conflict is correct, Norwegian government say in a press release today.  

“Norway deeply deplores any use of cluster munitions. These are weapons that primarily affect civilians and have severe and unacceptable humanitarian consequences long after they are deployed,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Cluster munitions do not distinguish between between military and civilian targets, and they cause great suffering among civilians both during and after conflicts. This is why more than 100 countries adopted a convention prohibiting cluster munitions in Dublin in May 2008.

“The reports of the use of such munitions demonstrate the importance of the new convention and the need to ensure that it is signed by as many states as possible. Norway is therefore inviting all the UN member states to Oslo on 3 December to sign the convention,” said Mr Støre.

In connection with its humanitarian efforts in Georgia, Norway will help to clear unexploded ordnance and assist victims of cluster munitions.

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