Photo: NorwayUN/Kjersti Mosli.

«The use of explosive weapons in densely populated areas is a threat to our duty to protect children at all levels», Ambassador Geir O. Pedersen stated in a panel debate on the impact of explosive weapons in populated areas. Read more

Minister Holmås speaks with members of Norway's delegation to the arms trade talks. From left, Terje Hauge, Gro Nystuen, Mr. Holmås and Anders Dalaaker. 
Photo: Norway UN Mission.

We have a common responsibility to come up with a strong and legally binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). That was the message from Norway’s Minister of International Development at the start of the month long negotiations taking place at the UN in New York. The goal is a deal that has leads to real change by limiting the human suffering caued by armed violence. Read more

In an orange grove in South Lebanon a deminer takes a short break before continuing his difficult and dangerous work. Submunitions may lie on the surface, be buried underground, or even hang tangled in the branches of trees.
Photo: ICRC/Marko Kokic.

The date - August 1, 2010 - will forever be significant in the international humanitarian calendar. That’s when the Convention on Cluster Munition entered into force. Norway helped kick start the work on the Convention three years ago. Read more

Photo: UN Photo/P Sudhakaran.

Today the first preparatory talks on negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) concluded at the United Nations in New York. Norway is working for an agreement that can prevent violations of international humanitarian law and human rights by requiring states to have stringent rules for the trading in arms. Read more

A relieved Norwegian NPT team outside the UN headquarters in New York on May 28. From left: Hanne Ulrichsen, Inga Marie Nyhamar, Ambassador Steffen Kongstad (head of delegation), Hilde Janne Skorpen and Knut Langeland. . 
Photo: Mission of Norway/Emma K Lydersen.

On May 28 in New York, agreement was reached between 189 countries on the way forward for disarmament efforts. This includes concrete steps to eliminate nuclear weapons, strengthen non-proliferation efforts and create a platform that respects the right of all countries to peaceful use of nuclear technology. Agreement was also reached on the first steps towards a zone free of weapons of mass... Read more