Climate change focus for UN chief's Norway visit

Last updated: 9/2/2009 // The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon discussed efforts to combat climate change with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in Oslo on Monday before heading to the Svalbard archipelago to see first-hand the effects of climate change on the Arctic.

Speaking in Oslo on Monday morning, Secretary-General Ban said he was looking forward to his visit to the North Pole and thanked the Norwegian government for its strong support of the United Nations. He noted that, in terms of development, Norway is the number one per capita contributor.

Norway’s Minister of Enviroment and International Development, Erik Solheim, will host the Secretary-General and his wife during their visit to Svalbard from Monday August 31 to Wednesday September 2. 

- The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has an important role to play in communicating his impressions and messages to world leaders to bring them together for climate talks. In this way, Norway offers the Secretary-General our complete political support for the demanding job of securing a new global climate agreement in Copenhagen, Erik Solheim said earlier.

The Secretary-General will first go to Ny-Ålesund, in the north of the Svalbard archipelago, to visit polar research stations, before travelling further north. He will then make his way to the Norwegian polar research vessel “Lance”, located at the Polar Ice Rim. There, he will get additional scientific updates and information on ice as a regulator of the Arctic Ocean and the world’s climate. On Wednesday September 2, Mr. Ban will participate in a mini-seminar in Longyearbyen on Svalbard.

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