Photo: Angela Neumann/UN Photo.Photo: Angela Neumann/UN Photo

Content with resolution on youth and adolescence

4/30/2012 // After hard and long negotiations the resolution on the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) regarding youth and adolescence was adopted during overtime. Different fractions opposed each other during the negotiations, and the political differences were made evident. This was especially clear when it came to the case of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for youth, which was one of the main issues for Norway. Norway is satisfied that SRHR was part of the final outcome.

In the final hours of the Commission, the negotiation room was overcrowded and the temperature rising. For a while, it was unclear whether the delegates could agree on a resolution. Norway was therefore pleased when a resolution was adopted two hours in to over time. Issues like sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as comprehensive sexual education, were included in the final document. The consensus resolution is better than Norway expected given the divisions that had appeared.

Strong Norwegian participation in the Commission

Norway was active during the Commission, which began on Monday, April 23. Norway's Permanent Representative, Ambassador Morten Wetland, delivered a strong Norwegian statement during the general debate. He focused on the rights of young people, and especially their sexual and reproductive rights and the need for comprehensive sexuality education. The Norwegian youth delegate, Anette Remme, presented a statement on behalf of young people in Norwaym while Helge Brunborg from Statistics Norwayfocused on the commission’s methods and programs in his speech some days later.

Side event

Norway, in partnership with Finland, Kenya and the International Planned Parenthood Federation hosted a side event midweek. The theme was Comprehensive Sexuality Education. The event was well attended and a robust discussion took place. See photos from the event here.

Norway new member of the Commission

At the end of this year’s session Norway  was taken up as a member in bureau of the Commission on Population and Development.

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