American TV looks at Norway's Global Health Efforts

3/25/2009 // World Focus on PBS, February 11, discussed challenges of global health. Because of Norway’s long standing commitment to improving the global health situation, UN Ambassador Morten Wetland was interviewed.

Ambassador Wetland answered questions about UN’s plan to immunize 20 million African children in one month against polio, and talked about how immunization is a very effective method in the fight against infant mortality.

The interview was a part of an ongoing World Focus series, addressing the international challenges that the new American administration faces. World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that World Focus eds. contact Norway, on the basis of Norway's contributions in the Global Health and Foreign Policy Initiative, and the government’s efforts in achieving the millennium development goals concerning reduced infant mortality and improved maternal health. Wetland was interviewed by Martin Savidge, former CNN and NBC.

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Martin Savidge, World Focus, and UN Ambassador Morten Wetland. (Photo: Siv Helén Strømland/MFA)

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