Global Campaign for Health MDGs

4/4/2008 // A Progress report on the Global Campaign for the Health Millenium Development Goals has been made preparing for the General Assembly thematic debate on the MDGs in New York 1-2 April 2008.

The report summarises the various initiatives included in the Global Campaign, their status and milestones for 2008. It shows how the initiatives are unfolding rapidly, building up a global movement committed to achieving the health MDGs, and finding new ways of supporting countries in obtaining results.

Progress Report on the Global Campaign (pdf)

The Global Campaign for the Health Millennium Development Goals was being launched in September 2007 to accelerate progress on the health MDGs. The Campaign builds on the work of the Highlevel Panel on UN System-wide Coherence. The underlying idea behind the Global Campaign is simple: To achieve results by providing flexible support that allow national and local manager to address the bottlenecks that impede the attainment of outcomes.

The Global Campaign for the Health MDGs (pdf)

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