Facts & Figures

A coffee handler with coffee beans from Cooperative Café Timor, helping realise the Government's national priority of sustainable development. 
Photo: UN Photo/Martine Perret.

General instructions have been drawn up for work in the General Assembly. It examines the main issues on the agenda and set out Norway’s priorities in various areas. These instructions provides insight to Norway’s UN policy and outlines Norway’s positions on themes such as sustainable economic and social development, international peace and security, human rights, and UN reform and financing. Read more

Photo: Forsvarets Mediesenter/Taral Jensen.

Since 1945, Norway has participated in twenty-five UN peacekeeping operations. More than 50,000 Norwegian troops have served in these operations. Today, Norway’s involvement in UN-mandated and UN peacekeeping operations is focused on Afghanistan, South-Sudan and the Middle East. Read more