Humanitarian Efforts

Photo: UN CERF.

'The many large-scale, protracted humanitarian crises in the world today have created a tremendous need for emergency aid. The UN Central Emergency Response Fund ensures that aid can quickly reach those who need it when acute crises arise, and provides sorely needed funding for underfunded emergencies. Norway is therefore providing NOK 380 million for this Fund in 2017,' said Minister of Foreig... Read more

People fleeing after conflicts in the Central African Republic in 2013. 
Photo: UNHCR/B. Heger.

‘The population of the Central African Republic is suffering because of the armed conflict, attacks on civilians and the grave humanitarian situation. The UN and the various aid organisations have only received around 30 % of the funding they need for the humanitarian relief effort, and Norway is therefore providing an additional NOK 47 million in aid funds,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs... Read more

Young Yemenis shelter in a northern Yemen camp after being displaced by fighting. 
Photo: UNHCR/H.Macleod.

‘The humanitarian situation in Yemen is catastrophic – 80 % of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance, and the situation is growing steadily worse,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Read more

Girls’ education in the returnee area of Qalai Gudar. . 
Photo: UNHCR/S. Sisomsack.

'Norway is a long-term partner for Afghanistan. We intend to maintain our current level of aid to the country, approximately NOK 700 million a year, in the period 2017 to 2020,' said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Mr Brende announced Norway's contribution at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan today. Read more

Nigerian refugees leave their camp in Ngouboua, on the shores of Lake Chad. 
Photo: UNHCR/Olivier Laban-Mattei.

‘The humanitarian crisis in parts of Nigeria and the areas around Lake Chad is having a severe impact on an already impoverished population. The Government is now increasing its aid to the region by NOK 20 million,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Read more