Deputy Foreign Minister Hans Brattskar . 
Photo: Norway UN/ Mariken Bruusgaard Harbitz .Deputy Foreign Minister Hans Brattskar . Photo: Norway UN/ Mariken Bruusgaard Harbitz

Protect Women Human Right Defenders

Last updated: 3/10/2014 // -Women human right defenders play a crucial role in the development agenda, said Deputy Foreign Minister Hans Brattskar at today`s UN-held side-event “Women human right defenders – from resolution to solutions”.

Norway initiated a landmark resolution on protection of women human rights defenders this fall, adopted by consensus by the member states. The event of today reflected upon the challenges of going forward.

Amongst the panelists were John Hendra, deputy executive director of UN Women, Sussan Tahmasebi, co-founder of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) and Cristina Hardaga Fernandez, Strategic and Political Engagement Coordinator, Just Associates.

- 600 million women still live in countries without laws that protect women human right defenders, said Hendra. He called upon four actions to better protect human right defenders: Recognition of the laws, to free people from violence, enable the environment and ensure access to justice.

- It is absolutely critical to have a strong, international will, said Sussan Thamasebi, stressing the importance of political will in ensuring protection for the women human right defenders. 

The event was held by UN Women, together with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JASS, ICAN, AWID, Nobel Women, Amnesty International, ISHR and Women Human Right Defenders.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hans Brattskar held the introductory remarks at todays event.

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