Norway increases education support to Syrian refuge

Last updated: 2/14/2014 // -Many of the Syrian refugee children in Libanon have no access to education, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Norway will now increase the support to a total of USD 9 million.

-These children are extremely vulnerable, and without education there is a huge risk that they will become the lost generation of Syria, says Solberg, who recently got appointed to co-chair the UN Secretary General’s Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group. -Increasing the support to Syrian children and youth will help in reaching the Millennium Development Goals, because it will put an emphasis on children who are growing up in areas affected by war and conflict, says Solberg. 

The Norwegian support is tied to the UNICEF initiative “No Lost Generation” for the children and youth of Syria.  The educational aspect of this initiative is developed together with the Lebanese government, with a where the goal is to provide education to over 400.000 children. Because many Syrian refugees live in the poorest areas of Lebanon the education programs will also include vulnerable Lebanese children. 

The Norwegian support will be used in cooperation with UNICEF, The Norwegian Refugee Council, and Save the Children Norway. Lebanon has accepted over one million refugees from Syria, and over 75 percent of the children are not enrolled in school. With this contribution Norway will help in facilitating Syrian children. Norway’s support will contribute to training of teachers, facilitate informal education for children who are unable to attend school, and contribute help to upgrade schools.

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