Photo: Martin Fossum.Photo: Martin Fossum

Norway reopens the UN Security Council Chamber

4/16/2013 // After three years of renovation, the Security Council Chamber is brought back to its former glory and ready for a grand reopening by UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon and Norway`s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Espen Barth Eide. Read more about the event, the Chamber and the renovation.

Norway doesn’t have a permanent seat in the UN’s Security Council. The Security Council Chamber’s chairs and other interiors, however, are all Norwegian. The Norwegian design from 1952 has returned to its original form. Norway wanted to bring the chamber back to its former glory and has not introduced new design elements. The ashtrays are out, and new technical equipment is in, but other than that the renovation has not changed the iconic design of the room.  

The architect of the room, Norwegian Arnstein Arneberg, wanted to make a room that could withstand the test of time:

 ‘My understanding of the problem was to execute a room of good, durable materials with a character, in all simplicity, which represented not only a casual taste of today, but a character so neutral that it could withstand the test of time,’ explained Arneberg to the periodical Interiors in 1952, shortly after the Chamber’s completion.

The renovation, managed by UN Capital Master Plan, started in 2010 and has taken 3 years. The room was fully stripped down, asbestos removed and new ventilation systems and technical solutions installed. The renovation of the UN Headquarters is still going on, and Norway has contributed 8,2 million USD to the renovation.

After the cermony there will be a high-level panel discssuon on the UN Security Council's efforts to maintain International Peace and Security.

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Watch more photos from the renovation here.

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