Photo: NorwayUN/Kjersti Mosli.Photo: NorwayUN/Kjersti Mosli

Norway gives NOK 2 million to the United Nations first Envoy on Youth

3/8/2013 // “The appointment of a Youth Envoy by the UN Secretary-General is great news and a milestone for the UN. The voices of young people will finally be heard at the highest level. Norway has worked determinedly for this to happen,” says Arvinn Gadgil, State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In January, UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, appointed Ahmad Alhindawi  (28) from Jordan, as his first Youth Envoy. Alhindawi has previously been working on youth issues through volunteer organizations and the Arab League.

“The world is younger. The large numbers of youth in the world has a legitimate right to be heard. The Arab Spring, lead by young people, shocked the world with its power to transform. With this appointment, the UN Secretary-General understands that youth participation and rights is interlinked with peace, security and stability,” Gadgil says.

The Youth Envoy will in the next four years work to promote youth’s interests and positions inside and outside the UN system. Alhindawi's responsibility will also consist of working for the interests of the constant increasing youth population. Norway will contribute with NOK 2 million to support the beginning phase of the Youth Envoys office and work.

“I hope the Youth Envoy will help member states finding ways to give youth’s factual influence and opportunities,” Gadgil says.  

Gadgil met Alhindawi while he was in New York to participate at the Commission on the Status of the Women.

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