Deputy Minister Brattskar with the team from Deputy Minister Brattskar with the team from "Global Coalition to Protect Education From Attack" . Photo: Norway UN / Mariken B. Harbitz

Norway prepares to take a leading role in promoting global education

Last updated: 4/29/2014 // The need to mobilize stronger support for global education was the topic of Deputy Foreign Minister Hans Brattskar’s trip to New York this week. Norway has made global education one of its main foreign policy priorities.

Today 60 million children and 70 million adolescents around the world are not attending school, and still funding for education globally is dropping.

The Norwegian government wants to be in the forefront of an international push for global education. -We are drafting a white paper on education for development which will set the stage for our work going forward, but already this year we have increased the development budget for education, said Deputy Foreign Minister Brattskar

Today Deputy Minister Brattskar met with “Global Coalition to Protect Education From Attack” to discuss how education is endangered, and the alarming fact that thousands of schools are used by armed groups in conflict zones.   

During his visit to New York Brattskar also met with the United Nations Secretariat, Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), leading academics from NYU and Columbia University as well as several leading organizations in the field of global education, including International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), Education Development Center and Education for Employment Foundation

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