DPA: Annual donor meeting

11/30/2012 // Norway's statement on the DPA Annual donor meeting, held by Ambassador Mr. Geir O. Pedersen on 30 November.

Chair, excellencies, colleagues,

Why are we here in New York today? Because after two terrible world wars the international community decided that we have had enough of war. We decided to establish the United Nations. We decided to write a charter of the United Nations and article one deals with the topic of our meeting today:

The Purposes of the United Nations are:

1.    To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace.

  •    Preventive diplomacy and mediation was one of the main reasons why the UN was created. DPA is at the very core of the mission and mandate of the UN.
  • DPA has gone through a transformation during the last 10 years. DPA has become more an actor in its own right. We warmly welcome this development. I would like to pay tribute to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as well as his predecessor Kofi Annan and all the staff at DPA for this change of direction.. This shows how the UN can lead and manage positive processes of change from within the organization.
  • We, the member states are so pleased with this development that we continuously ask DPA to do more. The problem is we do not provide resources for DPA to do the job. If we look at the travel budget for DPA it is very low, there is hardly money for staff to travel to the field. I will not venture into debates that are ongoing in other fora about the financing of Special Political Missions. However, the issue of finding long term and sustainable way of financing DPA is a real challenge we as member states must handle. The idea of “doing more with less” has many limitations.    
  • Given the current state of affair in terms of financing, voluntary contributions have become very important as a source of financing for DPA. For some years donors such as Norway would hesitate to fund DPA. Why? Because there was a flurry of un-coordinated funding proposals that came in a haphazard manner. Follow-up and results reporting was meager. One reason why we changed our attitude towards funding DPA was a number of improvements during the last couple of years.
  • The DPA Multi-Year appeal, first launched in 2011 was a major improvement in terms of fund-raising. Donors got a clear picture of what DPA wanted to do with the funding. Just as important was it to see what was achieved with the funding. The result framework was another important improvement. The stepped up efforts in monitoring and evaluation are also very much welcome. We look forward to further progress in this area. Some of the funds and programs might be able to provide good advice to DPA in this regard. We are aware that result-reporting is not easy when preventing something from happen is your objective!
  • As a result of the improvement in the management of donor funding, Norway has stepped up its funding to DPA. Our intention is to increase the funding to the Multi-Year Appeal further in the coming year. 
  • DPA has become more aware of the critical role that women play in peacebuilding. We welcome this, and together with DPA we will work to get more concrete results in the area of women, peace and security.
  • After the many improvements in aid management, we believe that Norway should contribute in making DPA fulfill some of the key objectives of the UN. We are glad to see that many other member states share our assessment. DPA's recent ODA eligibility registration is another aspect that could make it easier for OECD-members to provide contributions to DPA. But to be quite frank, I believe that traditional donors could do better in providing voluntary contributions to the Multi-Year Appeal. Given the importance of DPAs mandate, I am surprised to see that some traditional donors are not on the list of contributors to the appeal. But let me also stress that DPA need a broader donor base. We very much welcome the contributions from Turkey and China to the Multi-Year Appeal. 
  • DAP need the political and financial support from all of us. Given the mandate of DPA, we cannot afford not to.  As we all know, prevention and mediations is a very cost-effective strategy. DPA's services are cheap and worth the investment.  Whatever the size of the contribution, it would be extremely welcome. We must never forget WHY we are here in New York. Article one in the charter is a useful reminder of our common purpose.

Thank you.

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