Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Follow-up and review) 18-22 May 2015. Statement by Norway – Comments on Revised Targets Document, 21 May

Last updated: 5/29/2015 // Statement by Norway – Comments on Revised Targets Document, 21 May.

Goals and targets – speaking points

On the tweaking of targets:

• Norway welcomes your revised target document, with suggested tweaking of 21 targets. In our view most of your proposed amendments represent improvements and could be taken on board. Some targets, like 15.2., are now more in line with the Aichi targets. Targets on DRR have been updated to reflect the agreements in Sendai. And – most important – the revised 14 c) brings the reference to UNCLOS more in line with what we have agreed in the General Assembly and in Rio.

• Through this revised proposal, you have demonstrated how it is possible to improve the quality of targets without reopening negotiations or rocking the balance of the OWG proposal. We appreciate your leadership and hope that we together may be able to ensure the best possible technical quality of the final outcome document to be adopted by our leaders in September

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