State Secretary Hans Brattskar at the Se4All Forum . 
Photo: Mariken B. Harbitz .State Secretary Hans Brattskar at the Se4All Forum . Photo: Mariken B. Harbitz

SE4ALL: High Level Ministerial Dialogue

Last updated: 6/9/2014 // This statement was held by State Secretary Hans Brattskar on behalf of Norway at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum on June 6th.


The Millennium Declaration adopted 14 years ago was an unprecedented show of global unity.

The Millennium Development Goals have succeeded in mobilising global action and resources.

Although we have achieved many impressive results, our common task now should be to mobilise, and put to good use, every relevant and available resource, opportunity and initiative to make further progress as we approach the MDG deadline.

At the same time, we need a new set of ambitious Sustainable Development Goals that we could agree on in 2015. This is high on our agenda.

The international community needs to build on the original MDGs, but we also need to go beyond them. We need to include missing goals, integrate the Rio+20 three dimensions of sustainable development, and put in place a framework for more predictable financing.

Norway has identified a few priority areas and they all are relevant for this morning’s discussion:

Good governance is a priority. This includes the rule of law, independent justice systems, transparent and effective institutions, democratic participation and decision-making, property rights and freedom of expression. Democratic governance is one of the critical “missing” MDGs.

Another top priority for us is education, in particular education for girls. We will promote targets for free and compulsory basic education for all boys and girls. We will seek to move beyond the original MDGs, by focusing on quality of education, learning outcomes and the development of skills.

Gender equality is imperative, both from an economic and human rights perspective. I am encouraged by the broad support that is emerging for a stand-alone goal on gender equality. Securing women equal access to property, services, land and other assets could also be a target, as could ensuring that they have equal rights to participate in political and economic decision-making.

Sustainable Energy for All is another “missing” MDG that has high priority for Norway. I am pleased to note that we seem to be making good progress in generating support for a stand-alone goal on this issue.

I hope that UN member states will endorse the Sustainable energy for all targets as part of the SDG process. This could be the basis for a model sustainable development goal – a goal in which all three dimensions of sustainable development are clearly included. We therefore support a global goal “Securing sustainable energy for all” with at least three targets:

  • Ensuring Universal Access to Modern Energy Services
  • Doubling the Global Rate of Improvement in Energy Efficiency
  • Doubling the Share of Renewable Energy in the Global Energy Mix

Finally, climate change is the highest priority for us. Energy production and use accounts for almost two-thirds of emissions of greenhouse gases globally. Therefore, this is a major challenge for the energy community. We need climate friendly energy policies.

Thank you.


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