UN Women Executive Board Meeting: pledging event

6/26/2013 // Norway will give 15.6 million USD in core contribution to UN Women, Deputy Permanent Representative Ms. Tine Mørch Smith said in her Statement at UN Women's Executive Board Meeting on agende 6 "pledgign event".

Mr President,

I am pleased to confirm Norway’s core contribution for 2013 of 95 million Norwegian kroner, which with today’s rate is equivalent to 15.6 million USD.

Norway has increased its support to UN Women every year since its establishment. In addition to the core funding, Norway also provides considerable non-core contribution to UN Women.

Norway’s substantial support reflects the great importance we place on gender equality and women’s rights. And also our faith in UN Women’s work and leadership.

We believe that the success of UN Women is critical to the quality and effectiveness of the whole UN system.

We therefore urge all member states to step up and support UN Women during these critical years. We, the member states, are the ones who can make UN Women able to fulfill the mandate we have given them.

Thank you Mr. President.

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