UNICEF Private Fundraising

Last updated: 9/11/2013 // This statement was held by Elin Eikeland on behalf of Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and Norway at UNICEF's Second Regular Session.


On behalf of Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and my own country Norway, we would like to thank for the presentation, and for the information about the private fundraising as described in the financial report and statement for the year ending December 31, 2012.

We are very impressed about the considerable amount generated from private sources (USD 903,3 mill.) in 2012. The National Committees and UNICEF deserve recognition and appreciation for the ability to mobilize such a valuable contribution to the important work for children. And also, the outreach activities and communication with the public constitutes a supportive environment for UNICEF that is unique. We indeed hope these achievements will be maintained.

We welcome the information/presentation of expenses and income related to private fundraising in the integrated budget. This facilities increased transparency, and we consider it a promising step towards a fully integrated budget for UNICEF. We would therefore like to hear your views on the benefits and drawbacks of including private fundraising into the integrated budget in the same way as done for other parts of UNICEF’s work, not just for information.

We thank UNICEF for the presented information about the review of the Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division (PFP), that we previously have been informed was underway. We look forward to be further updated by the plan to be presented to the Executive board in February, about conclusions from the review, and consequences it may have on the budget and planning for 2014-2017 as well as any further information in this regard.

Thank you.

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