CPD: Programme implementation and progress of work in the field of population

Last updated: 4/11/2014 // Statement of behalf of Norway, held by Senior Researcher Helge Brunborg on Thursday April 10th.

Mr Chair,

We would like to commend the Population Division on its excellent work. The report on World Demographic Trends is an essential contribution to population and development, which this year is complemented by important facts from the operational review of the ICPD.
Since we met here last year you have issued many important publications, including several wall charts. One of your most recent wall charts, on population, environment and development, has been particularly welcomed by people doing environmental and climate research.
You also organize and participate in a number of scientific conferences and meetings. In addition to all this you apply new scientific methodology, such as making stochastic population projections and using the national transfer accounts approach.
Based on last year’s thematic issue at the CPD we are particularly pleased that you have pub-lished a revision of the trends in international migrant stock, including migrants by destination and origin. We encourage you to continue your work on migration flows, being aware of the seri-ous data problems on this.

International and national institutions, as well as many individuals, all over the world, use the World Population Prospects. We look forward to the next set of these, but perhaps it is too early to answer questions like:
• Are there any new demographic trends that you will be incorporating, for example, based on the two expert meetings you organized last year on fertility and mortality?
• Will the new prospects include any methodological changes?

In this regard we would be interested to hear if you plan to make projections that take the uncer-tainty of migration into account in your population forecasts, as you have done for fertility and mortality.
We would especially like to commend you for the significant improvement of your website in recent years. It is, for example, now much easier to download large datasets.
Let me finish by again complimenting the Population Division for the excellent job it does, given the high demand for publications, data and input for meetings such as the current session of the CPD.
Thank you.


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