UNFPA`s Transitional Biennial Budgeted Evaluation Plan 2014-2015

Last updated: 1/28/2014 // This statement was held by Berit Fladby at the Executive Board of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS` first regular session 2014.


We would like to thank UNFPA for a good Evaluation Plan, well in line with the new evaluation policy and the Strategic Plan, and the Director of the Evaluation Office for the presentation today. We take this opportunity to congratulate Andrea Cook with her new position and wish good luck to her and her team for the important work ahead. We look forward to a close consultations with the Executive Board in the time to come.

Let me also take this opportunity to commend the Executive Director for his commitment which we think will continue to be crucial to enhance the evaluation culture in UNFPA.

We note with appreciation that the Evaluation Plan is intended to create a knowledge base for the mid-term review of the strategic plan in 2016.

The evaluation policy gives the Evaluation Office demanding tasks beyond undertaking evaluations, among them to improve evaluation skills throughout the organization and to carry out quality assurance functions. We believe that successful implementation of such tasks will be crucial for delivering especially on the decentralized part of the Evaluation Plan. We acknowledge that this may take time but would like to underline the importance of allocating sufficient resources to different parts of the organization in order to succeed.

Recalling that the evaluation policy also emphasizes national ownership, we would request the Evaluation Office to elaborate on how this principle will be taken care of in the implementation of the Evaluation Plan.


Evaluations come in different types and meet different needs. Looking further ahead to the Evaluation Plan for 2016-2017, we would encourage the Evaluation Office to enter into a dialogue at an early stage with the Executive Board on the selection of different types evaluations, including impact evaluations.


Thank you.




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