Photo: NorwayUN/Anne Guro Dimmen.Photo: NorwayUN/Anne Guro Dimmen

C3: Plenary adoption of the Internally Displaced Persons

Last updated: 11/21/2013 // This statement was held by Minister Counsellor Ms. Hilde Klemetsdal when the General Assembly adopted the resolution on internally displaced persons.

Thank you Chair.

On behalf of over 70 co-sponsors, the Norwegian delegation would like to ask for the adoption by all states of the resolution on the protection of and assistance to internally displaced persons.

The resolution reaffirms key human rights and humanitarian principles and expresses our common commitment to the large and growing number of internally displaced persons worldwide. It further recognizes the important role of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons.

Thanks to the constructive participation of member states, we have made progress on several areas. I would like to highlight four: Firstly, the role of development actors in finding durable solutions in situations of protracted displacement; secondly, the importance of developing domestic legislation and policies; thirdly, the resolution recognizes not only the need to protect internally displaced women from sexual violence, but also calls for their full participation in decision-making; last but not least, the resolution highlights the need for internally displaced children to have access to education, and the need for protecting schools.

This biannual, comprehensive resolution is traditionally adopted by consensus, and we trust that it will be the case this year as well.

Since the tabling of the revised text, several countries have co-sponsored: The Czech Republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Micronesia, Nigeria, Portugal and Vanuatu amongst others.

We welcome more states to join.

Thank you.

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