C5: Agenda Item 146. Support Account for Peacekeeping Operations

Last updated: 5/15/2013 // This statement was delivered by Counsellor Ms. Julie M. Jacobsen Takahashi.

Mr Chairman,

Thank you

Norway welcomes current efforts to streamline the budget process, including by changing the organizational structure. We believe in streamlining the process, and increasing the emphasis on strategic focus, transparency and accountability. We would like to see a more results based approach applied also when it comes to the support account. We realize each mission setting comes with its own specific resource requirements, including when it comes to staff needs. Still, we concur with the ACABQ that there should be a relationship between the backstopping capacity provided through the support account and the overall scale of peacekeeping activities.

It is key that efforts at budget streamlining do not become an overly theoretical, input-based exercise; effort should be made to base decisions on thorough analysis of actual implications in the field.

We are all familiar with the trend of increasingly complex peacekeeping mandates. It goes without saying that high expectations of delivery follow the ambitious mandates, in a broad range of programme areas. Norway believes the human rights dimension is at the core of peacekeeping. We welcome the trend of increasingly robust human rights components in the peacekeeping mandates. As such, we believe the imbalance between human rights mandates activities in the field and the backstopping capacity at headquarters level should be corrected. In the current seven peacekeeping missions with significant human rights mandates, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights plays a key strategic and policy based role. The office should be reasonably resourced in order to carry out this important role. In this context, Norway finds the Secretary-General’s request for three posts to be modest, and one that merits our support.


Thank you.

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