Norwegian UNDP-worker, Gert Danielsen, centre, upon his release in Yemen. 
Photo: UNDP.Norwegian UNDP-worker, Gert Danielsen, centre, upon his release in Yemen. Photo: UNDP

Norway grateful for UN efforts in case of kidnapped citizen

2/2/2012 // UN Ambassador Morten Wetland today thanked all staff of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) who helped secure the release of Norwegian UNDP-staffer Gert Danielsen. Mr. Danielsen was kidnapped on January 14th in Yemeni capital Sanaa. He was held hostage for 12 days.

Ambassador Morten Wetland spoke during the meeting of the UNDP Executive Board in New York:

"For 12 long days of last month, UNDP staff member and national of Norway Mr. Gert Danielsen  was held hostage by tribespeople in Yemen.

In the morning of January 27 we were delighted to receive the news of his release.

I asked for the floor today to thank all of UNDPs staff who worked so hard to for his release from the moment he was abducted in the streets of Sanaa.

The UNDP-team in Yemen worked professionally with other UN personnel, with Norway and with the experts of the Department of Safety and Security.

It is a good thing that the UNDP and the UN are experienced and professional in dealing with hostage situations

But it is sad reminder of the risks involved in your work that this experience is gained by dealing with real hostage situations threatening lives of UN staff.

The UN and individuals are willing to take that risk because the rewards of their work is so high and the tasks so meaningful to them and to us.

Please convey the gratitude of Norway to all UNDP staff members who were involved and who help secure a safe return of Mr. Danielsen."

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