CPD: Programme implementation and future programme of work of the Secretariat in the field of population

Last updated: 4/26/2012 // This statement on the programme implementation and future programme of work of the Secretariat in the field of population was delivered by Senior Adviser of Statistics Norway Helge Brunborg on April 26th.

On behalf of the Norwegian delegation I would like to congratulate the Population Division for continuing its excellent work. It is hard to imagine what would happen if the Population Division ceased to exist! We know that a lot of hard work has been done with limited resources to produce the high-quality output.

Organizing and conducting this year’s Commission so well is particularly impressive, since you had to do it without the Director and two Deputy Directors. We are, however, concerned that such important positions remain vacant for an extensive period.

Most of the Division’s work benefits the theme of the current CPD, Adolescents and youth. An example of this is the wall chart on fertility policies, which includes data for all countries of the world on important indicators such as adolescent fertility and the legal age for marriage.
We are very pleased to see that your web pages are continuing to improve and becoming more user friendly, making it much easier to find and download data. This is something that users world-wide benefit from.

Concerning the population projections that were published last year, the introduction of stochastic projections with confidence intervals is a welcome improvement that could make users more aware of the uncertainty of the future population development. I wonder, however, how many of the users understand these concepts and make good use of them? Or do most users continue to consider only one set of projections in a deterministic way?
The Norwegian delegation fully supports the proposal to move the presentation to the Commission of the biannual demographic estimates and projections to the year after they were first published. This will facilitate the presentation of the most recent projections. Last year, for example, the new projections were made available to the general audience a few weeks before the Commission met, but not to the Commission in a formal manner since it is required that reports to the Commission are prepared a long time in advance.

Let me finish by again complimenting the Population Division for doing a very good job, given its limited resources and the high demand for publications, data and assistance to meetings such as the current session of the CPD.

Thank you for your attention.

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