GA: Report of the Peacebuilding Commission and the Peacebuilding Fund

3/19/2012 // This statement on the Report of the Peacebuilding Commission and Report of the Secretary-General on the Peacebuilding Fund was presented by Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith on the 19th of March.


Norway is member of the Organisational Committee of the PBC and a major contributor to the Peace Building Fund. My country attaches the greatest importance to the peace building architecture in the UN. Much has been achieved over the last few years, and my delegation is grateful to the active role played by past and the present chair of the Organisational Committee. Yet, it is a fact that the PBC is, as underlined by Switzerland, relatively new and has to prove its added value. We therefore need to explore ways to enhance its impact. One way of doing it is to bring the chair of the different country configurations in closer dialogue with the UN Security Council.

Norway appreciates the efforts of bringing the PBC closer to the concrete experiences of African countries in post-conflict peace-building, as well as initiating dialogue between the PBC and regional institutions in Africa. We would also like to highlight the common meeting of the organization committee of the PBC and the Executive Board of UN Women in which one of the conclusions was to initiate country specific discussions on the progress and challenges of integrating women into peace building. Indeed the PBC and its configurations can play an important role to secure effective follow-up to UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

Let me highlight two issues from the report we have in front of us. One of the overarching recommendations from the 2010 review was to enhance the interaction and the impact between the Commission and the field. The way we see it, the country specific configurations should work as a type of support group for the Special Representative of the Secretary General and the UN country teams (UNCT) on the ground. We think this approach could have been highlighted even more in the report.

Secondly, we value all the work on resource mobilization that has been done, in particular in the country specific configurations. At the same time we must be candid. Due to severe financial constraints the prospects for increased aid is dim. We would encourage new partners and emerging powers to increase their support. Let me stress that we are pleased with the broadening of the donor base in the Peace-Building fund. 


The PBF plays an essential role in furthering the UN peacebuilding agenda. The Fund’s focus on countries low on the donor radar, its swiftness, willingness to take risk, and its large donor base, constitute the Fund’s main strengths and added value. Furthermore, considerable progress has been made in establishing the PBF as an effective and accountable funding mechanism. We appreciate ASG Judy Cheng-Hopkins and her staff for their great efforts to this end, and encourage a continued focus on further strengthening the management and follow-up of the PBF. The PBF has obiously demonstrated its added value.

We support the funds emphasis on countries on the PBCs agenda and the g7+countries, while we fully agree to include other countries as well. We would also like to highlight the close partnership that the PBF has established with other UN funds and programs and the World Bank.

We note from the Secretary General’s report that the fund will need to work harder in order to attain the goal of a 15 per centage allocation focused on women’s specific needs. We look forward to rapid progress in this regard.

Norway made a new contribution to the PBF last year of USD 5 million and we are currently assessing the possibility of providing more funds in 2012.

Thank you.

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