C2: Sustainable Development

11/7/2012 // Norway's statement on Sustainable Development was held by Ambassador Mr. Geir O. Pedersen, 7 November 2012.

Four months have already passed since the adoption of “The Future We Want” document in June. The clock is still ticking.


The decision to develop Sustainable Development Goals was one of the most important outcomes of Rio. The Sustainable Development Goals should build on the success of the MDGs and be concrete and measurable. But they must also be innovative: They should be universal. And they should help us address social, economic and environmental concerns in a comprehensive and integrated manner, not as separate issues. In this way they can complement the MDGs and be a valuable contribution to the post 2015 development agenda. This is going to be a challenging task where member states and the UN system must work closely together and involving a wide range of stakeholders.  We are eager to contribute to this process, and look forward to the establishment of the Working Group.


We must make the UN system better equipped to follow up our ambitions and implement our decisions from Rio. We have agreed to replace the Commission on Sustainable Development with a High-Level Political Forum. We must use this window of opportunity to make sure this becomes a more effective forum than what we have today. Universal membership is not sufficient. We must furnish the forum with a mandate and new instruments that will promote implementation, at national and international levels.


We must implement our decision to strengthen and upgrade UNEP. Necessary steps should be taken to enable its new universal governing body to gather for the first time in Nairobi in February next year.


Sustainable Energy for All is one of the most important factors for a sustainable future. Achieving this goal will have immense impact on poverty reduction and economic growth, on the environment and on climate change. Norway is a firm supporter of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. We will continue our efforts to realize its goals, in particular through The International Energy and Climate Initiative (Energy+). We welcome the excellent cooperation between the UN, the World Bank and the private sector in this area. Partnership is the key to reaching our sustainable energy goals. Striving to reach these goals will also help us reach goals in other areas, including on gender equality, women’s empowerment and economic development.


Disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness save lives. To be more efficient and to save even more lives, we need a closer integration of prevention and preparedness on one side and development activities on the other. Access to reproductive health is vital to development, but also to the reduction of morbidity, mortality and disability after disasters.

We are already four months into the future we wanted. Now, we must act to make sure we get it.

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