Rio+20 Prep Com: "Need for short, concise, political outcome document"

12/17/2011 // This brief statement to the preparatory committee for the Rio 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development was delivered by Ms. Marianne Loe, senior advisor in the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs. She stressed that Norway favours a short, concise, political outcome document and which themes Norway hopes will be emphasised.


Norway favours a short, concise, political outcome document. Actions and deliverables should be in focus. We agree with previous speakers who have emphasised the need for a forward looking and result oriented approach. We should build on the commitments from the past, not reiterate them.
 Sustainable Development Goals should be part of a renewed political commitment for Sustainable Development.

The outcome document should otherwise be focused on the two conference themes.

On green economy a tool-box of available approaches, recommendations of policy options, instruments and best practices should be included.
On the institutional framework the outcome document should address the following three issues:

  1. An improved inter-governmental forum for Sustainable Development
  2. How to improve UN system-wide coherence
  3. Reform of UNEP’s governance structure

Norway would like to highlight two cross-cutting issues, that should be dealt with under both themes:

  1. Gender. Empowerment of women is an important catalyst and a precondition for change. Enabling women to participate fully and equally in the economy and in decision making is crucial for sustainable development.  
  2. On implementation, we need to engage civil society and private sector. We need new partnerships, new incentives and new business models. We must look beyond ODA and public budgets in order to deliver.

Thank you.

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