Zero draft - goals and targets - Norway comments June.

Last updated: 6/24/2015 // Zero draft - goals and targets - Norway comments June.

  • Norway welcomes your proposal to have a short introduction to the section on goals and targets. It should primarily explain the nature of the goals - including that they are global and universal, integrated and aspirational.
  • We also welcome having a para on the indicators. But it should avoid describing the process that will take place over the next months, as this document will live on for 15 years. And we should avoid words like "finalised" - indicators should not be cut in stone

The proposal of the OWG was not perfect, and we agree with Peru that we must not make perfect the enemy of good.

But that should not keep us from correcting some of the obvious imperfections of the proposal before we ask our HoS/G to sign on to it.

We cannot ask our leaders to commit to unfinished targets such as those containing "x"s, nor can we ask them to sign on to targets that fall short of existing agreements and commitments.

We hence welcome the retention of your proposal to make some small revisions to 21 of the targets to this effect.  We believe you have demonstrated that it is possible to improve the quality of targets without reopening negotiations or rocking the balance of the OWG proposal.

We hope that we together may be able to ensure the best possible technical quality of the final outcome document to be adopted by our leaders in September. 

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