Follow-up and review - June

Last updated: 6/26/2015 // Statement by Norway on follow-up and review - June.

Mr Co-facilitator,

  • We appreciate that the draft outcome document underlines the need for a robust, effective, inclusive and transparent follow-up and review framework that will promote effective implementation and accountability and that it provides useful guidance to that effect.
  • We welcome that the draft reaffirms that the HLPF will be the global apex of the review framework and that the reviews will build on existing platforms and processes, evolve over time and minimize the reporting burden.
  • We also support the idea of resetting the cycle of the HLPF under the auspices of the General Assembly and to have the next meeting in 2019. This is a good idea because it gives us the necessary timeframe to allow for a meaningful picture of the progress made globally on the new agenda and provide a good basis for an important summit.
  • Like Sweden we support that the outcome document should make reference to the longer term positioning of the UN Development System in support of the post-2015 development agenda.

Mr Co-facilitator,

  • As we stated in our discussion on this topic in May, we believe that the outcome document should not be too prescriptive regarding the follow-up and review framework, but concentrate on the basic principles and key elements of the framework.
  • We believe you have succeeded in identifying most key principles and elements, as also proposed by the group of seven countries in May, but their description as well as the illustrative charts may appear a bit too detailed. This may cause unnecessary discussions at this stage.
  • Accordingly, we think it would be helpful if the Post 2015 Summit gives the HLPF the mandate to elaborate this further in 2016.
  • We look forward to discussing the role of the HLPF at the upcoming HLPF meeting under the auspices of ECOSOC. We are confident that these discussions will bring more clarity regarding what level of guidance on follow-up and review will be relevant for the Post 2015 outcome document.

 I thank you.

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