Peace Efforts

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon signs the book of condolences. 
Photo: Emma Lydersen/Cia Pak.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon signed the book of condolences at the Norwegian Consulate General in New York on Wednesday July 27th. He wrote of his profound shock at learning about the tragedy and commended Prime Minister Stoltenberg for his leadership. Read more

The "Bell of Hope" at New York's historic St. Paul's Chapel tolled at noon in remembrance of Norway's victims. Norwegian Consul Aslaug Nygård attended the ceremony which took place across the road from Ground Zero on Wednesday 27th August. Read more

President Barack Obama signs book of condolences at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington DC. 
Photo: Norwegian Embassy in Washington/Urd Milbury.

Following the horrific and tragic attacks on government offices in Oslo and a youth summer camp at Utøya, books of condolences will be open for signing at the Norwegian Missions across the United States. In New York, the signing will take place at the Norwegian Consulate General. Read more

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Marta Haga.

On Saturday Norway woke up in deep sorrow over the terrible crimes that had been committed in Oslo and at Utøya on Friday July 22. This was an attack on democracy and on innocent young people. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg gave the following statement on Saturday morning. Read more

A mountain of flowers is displayed outside the Oslo Cathedral. 
Photo: Norway UN Mission/Emma K Lydersen.

Across Norway and around the world people have expressed their sympathy for the Norwegian people after the attacks in Oslo and Utøya on July 22. Improvised memorials have sprung up outside Norwegian Embassies and Consulates General. See photos on Flickr. Read more