UN and Interpol: Strengthen Peacekeeping Together

4/16/2009 // Interpol and UN will tighten their collaboration in the future, to meet the challenges to peacekeeping and peacebuilding around the world. Norway welcomes the initiative as an important step towards more efficient and sustainable peacekeeping.

Un secretary general Ban Ki-moon met with Interpol  secretary general, Ronald K. Noble, in New York on Monday to discuss the two organisation’s further collaboration on global security. As the world sees an increasing demand for personnel in numerous peacekeeping operations in conflict and post-conflict areas, the role of the police is considered pivotal in consolidating peace and building sustainable security.

Police Advisor in Norway’s Permanent Mission to UN, Odd Malme, welcomes the initiative. He highlights the importance of building police capacity on an early stage in peacekeeping operations to prevent and combat serious crime, and that Interpol can play a crucial role in this by sharing expertise with UN and local police.

As crime is hampering peacekeeping efforts around the globe, and often fuel conflicts as militant groups benefit financially from such activities, local police's investigative capacity and competence needs to be strenghtened in order to create an environment for sustainable peace. These are premises for the whole justice system to work properly and to fight impunity.

Norway believes that this collaboration, between UN and Interpol, holds the potential of making for more and better police assistance in peacekeeping operations, thus bringing them closer to achieving common goals of global security and peace. 

Link to Interpol press release

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