UN Peacekeeping Operations at a Crossroad

3/25/2009 // -Norway welcomes the initiative by France and the UK to improve UN peacekeeping, said Ambassador Wetland at the Special Committee of Peacekeeping’s 2009 substantive session.  In a statement on the second day of C34, Wetland took the opportunity to point to several issues that Norway finds important to discuss over the next three weeks. 

2009 must be a year of new ideas to meet the challenges that UN peacekeeping faces after years of unprecedented growth. Ongoing peacekeeping missions around the world lack mandated resources, at the same time new missions are approved to conflict torn areas. Wetland, stressed in his statement the need of considering alternative models to ensure optimal use of scarce resources, and that this is all the more important at a time of growing economic constraints.

Wetland also took the opportunity to focus on the protection of civilians, and reminded that this lies in the heart of UN peacekeeping. Successful protection of civilians is not just about the use of force, but requires a holistic approach, meaning that missions must be sufficiently resourced with civilian personnel as well as military. Wetland further pointed out that Norway would like to see a strengthening of the Police Division .  

Over the next two weeks, the Special Committee is expected to hold its traditional two-day general debate before moving into a series of briefings on general peacekeeping matters. Wetland assured that Norway looks forward to engage in constructive dialogues during the session.


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