Gender Equality

Gender equality as an economic and competitive advantage is among the main messages the Norwegian Minister of Equality has to the UN Commission on the Status of Women while heading the Norwegian delegation. As Norway was ranked world no. 1 on gender equality in the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2008, many states are eager to get some ideas from the Norwegian experience.  Read more

– Measures to empower women is the straightest, surest path to more peaceful, prosperous world, said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Norwegian event on Financing for Development and the Economics of Gender. Read more

In two different international rankings Norway have a top score on gender equality (World Economic Forum) and for its commitment to development (Center for Global Development).  Read more

The Norwegian Government has decided to allocate NOK 1 billion to promote education for girls through UNICEF’s work on supporting Education for All in developing countries.  The announcement was made today by Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim at a high-level event arranged by UNESCO in New York. Read more

“Women must be given more power. It makes economic sense. We will simply not be able to eradicate poverty if half the population is barred from political and economic participation,” said Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim. Read more