Norway wants to make the UN Disarmament Commission more relevant and credible than what it is today, and encouraged a frank discussion on what to achieve with the Commission in a statement at the Substantive Session of the UNDC 24 April 2008. Read more

"Combating and eradicating illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects is fundamental to improving global, regional and national security as well as necessary social and economic development," said Ambassador Hjálmar W. Hannesson of Iceland on behalf of the Nordic countries in the Security Council open debate on Small arms 30 April 2008. Read more

Questions and answers on the Norwegian Government’s initiative for a ban on cluster munitions. Read more

Participants at the Oslo Conference on Cluster Munitions have agreed an action plan for developing a new international treaty on cluster munitions by the end of 2008. Read more

Cluster munitions are a large, and growing, problem. If their use continues to spread, and the number of those using them continues to grow, they may become an even greater humanitarian and development challenge than anti-personnel mines were in the 1990s. Read more