Norway supports a resolution in the UN General Assembly’s First Committee calling for the immediate start of negotiations on a new international arms trade treaty. “An effective, robust framework that regulates the conventional arms trade would be an important step forward in efforts to combat armed violence,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Friday 30 October. Read more

Afghanistan is covered with metal scraps and live munitions from years of fighting. . 
Photo: UN Photo/Luke Powell.

The Norwegian government is strongly committed to humanitarian disarmament. Its engagement in the fields of landmines, cluster munitions, small arms and other related areas is motivated from the unacceptable harm to civilians caused by the use of these weapons. Read more

Norway welcomes this week’s review of the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1540. That resolution looks at ways to prevent non-state actors from attaining weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Read more

Today two more countries, Lao PDR and DR Congo, ratified (LPDR) and signed (DRC) the Convention on Cluster Munitions when United Nations held an event for countries interested in committing to the treaty. Since Norway launched an initiative in 2007, that led to negotiation and formal adoption of the treaty, now 96 countries have signed, including five that have also ratified. & Read more

Norway`s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre, and Ministry official Steffen Kongstad, who led the negotiations on the cluster munitions ban, have been voted persons of the year by the prominent disarmament organisation Arms Control Association (ACA).  Read more